July 6, 2018

Our Video Game Trucks

We now have TWO Game Trucks to accommodate even more bookings and provide twice the FUN!

Mississippi's and Alabama's newest, biggest and best video game truck

Two video game trucks to serve Steen, Columbus Mississippi and Alabama

The Game Truck is a virtual party on wheels!  With the greatest in video gaming, virtual reality, racing simulators and the best game titles, your guests will have a blast while you relax!

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Our Game Trucks feature:

  • Climate Controlled Luxury
    Whether it’s steamy hot outside or chilly, your guests will always be comfortable in The Game Truck! 
  • Self-Powered!
    We bring a quiet generator so that The Game Truck can set up just about anywhere!
  • The best gaming consoles!
    With consoles from XBox One, XBox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and Nintendo Switch, your guests will be mesmerized by our array of high-tech electronics!
  • The best video games!
    From MarioKart to Minecraft, Call of Duty to Halo and Madden Football to FIFA Soccer, we’ve got the newest games and the classics that everybody loves! Our games suit age ranges from kids to adults!
  • Virtual Reality Gaming!
    Don’t just play the game…get in the game! We’ve got the PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) with a great group of VR games. Put on the VR headset and immerse yourself in another world!
  • Twin Racing Simulator!
    It’s a driving duel!  Our head-to-head twin racing simulator lets players compete on the track! Feel the G Forces and every bump and spinout while you compete against a friend or the entire field on the track!
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gaming!
    We can entertain even big crowds with our indoor and outdoor gaming (outdoor gaming weather-dependent) as we rotate players through The Game Truck! Perfect for fundraisers, fairs and festivals, company picnics and other large events.

We serve customers in eastern Mississippi and western Alabama!

In Mississippi we serve these areas:

  • Columbus                            *Steens
  • West Point                          *Caledonia
  • Tupelo                                   *Hamilton
  • Meridian
  • Philadelphia
In Alabama we serve these locations:

  • Tuscaloosa
  • Vernon
  • Fayette
  • Carrollton
  • Hamilton

Don’t see your town or city listed?  Contact Us and find out if The Game Truck can serve you!

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